FORM specializes in advancing the process of making sculptures. We are a dedicated group of artists and engineers pairing the newest advancements of technology with traditional studio methodologies. 

We set the standard for aesthetic quality, optimal efficiency and cost effectiveness. 

We customize our expertise to integrate seamlessly to the artist’s process with the right combination of solutions for every artist’s unique project.


FORM provides a diverse range of scan technologies for optimal digital permanence.


The classically trained team at FORM is Advancing Sculpture by combining traditional sculpting methods with state-of-the-art technology.  

3D Printing

With a unique Fine Art Perspective, we apply lead-innovations from engineering, chemistry and software for 3D Printing applications.


CNC Milling provides material options which come in a wide range of weights and densities.

Artist Services

We are dedicated to the advancement of Efficiencies & Possibilities in both the fine art and commercial realms of sculpting.


Commercial Services